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Sunrise Church of Christ
Hello Sunrise family!
We are holding in-person services at our church building (with the precautions below in place) each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. For the time being, we are having our main worship service with no Sunday school, nursery, or children’s church.
For those who watch online from home or another location, we will live-stream the services from our website ( If you’re able to see the live feed but cannot hear it, check the icon in the lower left corner of your screen. If it has a slash, it’s muted and you can select the icon to unmute. It will take about 20 seconds for the sound to start after you unmute. Also, if you are viewing on a mobile device, you may have to scroll left or right to see the person speaking.
To our members and regular attenders, we really appreciate your ongoing commitment to Sunrise, and we’re extremely grateful for all of your amazing efforts in staying close and connected to one another, in whatever ways you can.
In Christ’s love,
The Sunrise Elders and Ministers
Reminder of current rules, guidelines, and precautions:
  • Please stay home if you feel or appear sick, if you have a temperature of 100.4°F or higher, or if you’ve been around someone with these symptoms. Fever, cough, and shortness of breath are common symptoms of COVID-19.


  • You are welcome to visit in the parking lot before the service, and you can even arrive early to do so, but once you’re in the building, please go directly to your seats. After the service, please exit the building as soon as possible.


  • We all need to wear facial coverings inside the church building before, during, and after the service. If anyone lacks a covering, additional disposable masks will be available near the main entry door inside the building. Please remember that this is meant to protect the health and safety of others, especially if the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. This is a way to show that we love and care about others, and that we’re willing to sacrifice to bear one another’s burdens.


  • The only exception to the facial covering policy is for those who are leading a song or speaking on stage, as long as they are either alone on stage or at least six feet away from any other person. This exception is granted to assist those who are hard of hearing in being able to read lips.


  • Please refrain from direct physical contact (handshakes, hugs, kisses, etc.) with any person who is not in your immediate family in your same household.


  • Pathways are marked inside the building to keep the proper distance between people. Pews in the auditorium are also marked off for the same reason.


  • The Lord’s Supper emblems will be placed in the front of the auditorium so that people can serve themselves while maintaining proper distancing. Instructions for partaking will be given during the worship service.


  • The main restrooms in the lower level of the church building will be open for use, for no more than 2 people at a time. Those who are waiting outside should maintain at least 6 feet of distance between each person.


  • Please cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow.


  • Please wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer, especially after using the bathroom, partaking of communion, and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.


We want to be good citizens and follow these guidelines, with a focus on protecting the health and safety of everyone. We also believe that if we were to have an outbreak, and it was discovered that we chose not to follow the rules, it would seriously damage our reputation in the neighborhood and community. Despite the different views we may have, let’s pray and strive to maintain unity as God’s people. Our mission to reach this world is more important than any issues that might cause division. As Jesus told us, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35).



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Jan 17, 2021
It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Do
Continuing in our series through James, Real Faith in the Real World, Troy reminds us that although the Bible is foundational and critically important in our lives, it’s not enough merely to read it or hear it or even know everything it says. We have to put our faith into practice and actually do what the Bible tells us.
  • Jan 17, 2021It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Do
    Jan 17, 2021
    It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Do
    Continuing in our series through James, Real Faith in the Real World, Troy reminds us that although the Bible is foundational and critically important in our lives, it’s not enough merely to read it or hear it or even know everything it says. We have to put our faith into practice and actually do what the Bible tells us.
  • Dec 27, 2020Please Come In (and Good Riddance)
    Dec 27, 2020
    Please Come In (and Good Riddance)
    Series: Standalone
    To help us close out a challenging year and look ahead to a new, hopefully better one, Troy encourages us to ask ourselves the following question: What if the things you’ve experienced up to this point—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful—were all meant to lead you to exactly where you find yourself now?
  • Dec 20, 2020Nothing I Wouldn’t Do Myself
    Dec 20, 2020
    Nothing I Wouldn’t Do Myself
    Series: Standalone
    For this year's Christmas message, Troy reminds us of what we celebrate this time of the year: God became flesh and was born as a baby to fulfill His purpose of one day dying for us. His cradle was in the shadow of a cross and everything He did was for the sake of others.
  • Dec 13, 2020Finding Meaning in Suffering
    Dec 13, 2020
    Finding Meaning in Suffering
    To conclude our short series, Hanging on to Hope, Troy encourages us not to waste our pain but to find meaning in it. The question we should ask when God allows us to go through hard times is not why, but who? In God's mind, pain has two intended recipients: us and someone else. If we choose not to take what we’ve experienced and find some way of using it to help other people, we miss a large part of why God allowed us to suffer in the first place.
  • Dec 6, 2020We’re In This Together (How Can I Help)?
    Dec 6, 2020
    We’re In This Together (How Can I Help)?
    As Bud explains through this message from our Hanging on to Hope series, when the community of Jesus' followers is operating the way He dreamed it could work, there's nothing like it in the world. The church has incredible power and beauty when it works the way Jesus intended.
  • Dec 1, 2020I’m Broken Like You (I Feel Your Pain)
    Dec 1, 2020
    I’m Broken Like You (I Feel Your Pain)
    Continuing in our series, Hanging On To Hope, Bud shares one of the key reasons why we go through difficult experiences: our wounds give us power to feel another person’s pain. God allows us to be broken by trials to help us gain credibility with other broken people, and to help them persevere through challenging times.
  • Nov 22, 2020Thank You (No Matter What)
    Nov 22, 2020
    Thank You (No Matter What)
    Series: Standalone
    Through a Thanksgiving-related message, Troy reminds us of the importance of keeping our sense of gratitude in any and all of our life situations. The foundation of a thankful heart lies in who God is, not in our circumstances, because they always change, but God never changes. Our circumstances are not always good, but God is always good.
  • Nov 15, 2020The Miracle of Sticking With It
    Nov 15, 2020
    The Miracle of Sticking With It
    Continuing in our series, Hanging on to Hope, Troy shares what it means to live in such a way that our lives would not make sense if God did not exist. Specifically,  when God gives us the miraculous strength to "stick with it" in the midst of incredible hardship, our example can have a profound, lasting impact on someone else.
  • Nov 9, 2020Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Nov 9, 2020
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Troy begins a new series this morning, entitled, Hanging On to Hope, that will take us through the rest of the year, with the exception of a few holiday-themed messages. Our prayer is for God to use this series to give all of us some encouragement as we close out a very difficult year. In this opening message, for those of us who feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, we can trust God to pull us up, to help us stand on the rock, and to show us that the rock is Jesus.
  • Nov 1, 2020It’s Always Good to be Good
    Nov 1, 2020
    It’s Always Good to be Good
    To conclude our series, It Will Get Better, that has taken us through the books of 1&2 Thessalonians, Dean shares some final warnings and words of encouragement from Paul. Specifically, we are urged to live a Christ-like life, never grow weary of doing good, and focus on serving the church rather than being idle and meddling in the affairs of others.



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