Sunrise Church of Christ Spokane Spring Women’s Bible Study | Discerning The Voice of God
discerning the voice of God priscilla shirer spokane church of christ
We are inviting you to join our Sunrise Women’s Ministry Monday, March 7 @ 6:30pm for a seven session bible study on discerning the voice of God. You may purchase a book through Sunrise Church of Christ or from any online book retailer. Please bring your book, bible, and a pen to each session.
In this study by Priscilla Shirer you will explore an ongoing experience of hearing God’s voice. Prepare to continually and expectantly hear from Him along with;
* A deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit’s role in your life.
* How to differentiate His voice from your own voice
* Glimpse His guidance in your everyday life
* Grow consistently in obedience, surrender, stillness, and humility
Contact us to register for Discerning The Voice of God. Last minute drop ins are welcome!!
*Childcare is not available at this time

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