Sunrise is a non-denominational fellowship of believers who have no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible, and wear no name but Christian.

We believe that Christ is the Head of His Church, and therefore every Christian is a member of His body. We do not believe that we are the only Christians, but we earnestly try to be Christians only. We seek to speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent. We take the Bible as our only rule of faith and practice.

The original Church that we read about in the Bible was a church in which salvation made you a member, and Sunrise follows that pattern. We refuse to impose upon people more than the Word of God asks to be a Christian, nor require less than the Word states.

Membership is open to all of those who have entered into a grace relationship with Jesus Christ, recognizing that we are saved by grace through faith. Membership here requires that one believe in Jesus Christ as God’s Son and be obedient in baptism, which Scripturally is the burial in water of a penitent believer.
Having followed the Biblical commands, and desiring to identify with the body of Sunrise, simply contact one of our ministers or elders – they will get you added to our list of Sunrise’s members!